Drabble: From Cloudy to Sunny (George/Luna)

Title: From Cloudy to Sunny
Author: mollywheezy
Prompt: #1 "Blue Skies" by Irving Berlin, Written for day_by_drabble
Character(s)/Pairing(s): George/Luna
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
Word Count: 254
Summary: Luna dissipates the clouds over George's heart.
Author's Note: Since I know there are more George/Luna shippers than George/Angelina shippers over here, I've posted one of each today. Hope that's allowed! There will probably be a sequel to this one in the near future. ;)

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Fic: Holding On To Tradition (George/Luna)

Title: Holding On To Tradition
Author: katmarajade
Pairing: George/Luna
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1082
Prompt: George being too devastated to go to boxing day or something and Luna just appearing at his flat above WWW and comforting him in her quietly eccentric but empathetic way.
Summary: It's not Christmas but Boxing Day that hits him hardest.
Notes: Written for eloquent_toast as part of my holiday drabble series. I've taken a few possible liberties with Boxing Day and May Day traditions …

It's Boxing Day. It's Boxing Day and George is not at the Burrow.

Fic: The Beginning of an Explosively Brilliant Partnership (George/Neville, PG-13)

Title: The Beginning of an Explosively Brilliant Partnership
Author: katmarajade
Pairing: George/Neville
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 712
Prompt: penis-shaped zeppelin
Summary: George decides to share some of his advertising genius to help Neville.
Notes: Written for aigooism as part of my holiday drabble gift series.

Inflatable adverts are so last season ...
George Weasley Sexy Even when Clothed

Fic: Sunday Undies on a Saturday (George/Lavender, NC-17)

Title: Sunday Undies on a Saturday
Author: luvscharlie
Prompt # 22. A Hallowe'en bonfire on the grounds of Hogwarts the first October after the war. Everyone is invited. Everyone mourns. (I modified this so much, I'm not even sure it counts as the real prompt anymore)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): George Weasley/Lavender Brown
Rating: NC-17
Summary Getting lucky on Halloween is harder than it looks. Some people really have to work at it.
Word Count: 5,870
Warnings/Content: Sex, Snark, so much chatter you may want to pinch them like I did, hair pulling, violence
Disclaimer: This is fanfiction, and clearly not written for any kind of profit… only for porn.
Author's notes: Thank you to my aunt for betaing this last minute. Honestly, I hate these two so much. I could have written really good porn, I'm sure of it, if they'd only shut their fucking mouths. They were ridiculous.

Sunday Undies on a Saturday

REC: From Half to Whole, courtesy of hp_beholder, George/Viktor, NC-17

Hi, all!

I just finished reading a WONDERFUL story about our beloved George. It's from hp_beholder (the person being beheld is Viktor Krum). And it's the story of how Viktor helps a damaged, Fred-less George heal. There's also an awesomely adorable child! Anyway, it didn't break me as much as Leave Out All the Rest did last year, but it was still so sweet and so very sad at times. The characterisations of all of them were so plausible, especially among the Weasley family.

Here's the data:

Recipient: Alisanne
Author: ???
Title: From Half to Whole
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Viktor/George
Word Count: 15,991
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View): * Canon character deaths, dark themes. *
Summary: Viktor is coach of a community-league Quidditch team. George is half a person without his brother. When Ron and his friends take George to a Quidditch game. George begins to understand what’s really missing in his life.